A Technology Company Digitizing the Speed of Commerce

MicroTraks is a software and hardware design and development company, focused on speed of commerce, tracking and data management in ranching and numerous associated industries.

  • The MicroTraks UHF system can read multiple tags through backscatter, enhancing throughput in the market to maintain the speed of commerce;
  • Our UHF system has been proven to read at higher accuracy rates at greater distance;
  • Our clients, through automation, are seeing reduced labor cost and 100% accuracy for invoicing;
  • Our patented UHF back tags can read cattle in mass, putting less stress on the animal and decreasing mortality rates;
  • The MicroTraks system cost of equipment is cheaper than most products in the market; and,
  • MicroTraks, through its proprietary software and tags, has proven a 99.93% read rate utilizing UHF.
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